Ballot Measures

Measure SM Shall City Charter Section 615 be amended to require, for a period of ten years, the votes of five Council members to amend (a) the Land Use and Circulation Element or (b) Downtown Community Plan, where that amendment would increase the maximum height limit or floor area ratio in any land use designation, with exceptions for 100% Affordable Housing Projects and property owned by Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District? Read More About Measure SM

Measure TL Shall the Santa Monica City Charter be amended to prohibit any person from serving as a member of the City Council for more than three terms, whether consecutive or not, where a term includes any full term of four years as well as any partial term of more than two years? Read More About Measure TL

Measure RR Shall the City Charter be amended to change the eligibility requirement for service on the City’s Library Board, Personnel Board, and Airport Commission from that of “qualified elector” of the City to “resident” of the City and to ensure compliance with applicable laws related to compensation and reimbursement? Read More About Measure RR

Measure SMS SANTA MONICA CLASSROOM REPAIR AND 21st CENTURY EDUCATION BOND: To improve, repair, and modernize outdated Santa Monica classrooms. science labs, libraries, instructional technology and other school facilities; improve school safety/security systems; shall Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District’s School Facilities Improvement District No. 1 (Santa Monica Schools) issue $485 million of bonds at legal interest rates, averaging $27.4 million raised annually to repay issued bonds through final maturity, from levies estimated at four cents per $100 assessed value, with citizens' oversight, annual audits, and all funds benefitting Santa Monica schools? Read More About Measure SMS